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Editorial Staff

A managing editor manages the day-to-day administration related to the journal and is the first point of contact for all queries. A staff copy editor provides copy-editing services to the journal and liaises with authors to ensure clarity and consistency of writing across the journal.  


Cristina Moreno Lozanomanaging editor  
University of Edinburgh  
Cristina is a doctoral candidate in science and technology studies (STS) at the University of Edinburgh. She has been trained in microbiology in Edinburgh and medical anthropology in Tarragona, Spain. Her doctoral research lies between medical anthropology and STS, and ethnographically explores how antibiotic stewardship protocols and hospital infrastructures may interrelate in the context of rising concerns over antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in Spain. She is a member of the postgraduate Students of Medical Anthropology (SoMAstudent group. As managing editor, Cristina oversees the review process and executes the production of issues in collaboration with the MAT Collective. Her work at MAT enables her to continue building her interest in imagining and implementing accessible and equitable structures for the digital communication and work processes involved in the academic profession. 

Catherine Marshall, copyeditor
University of Edinburgh  

Catherine is an artist, writer and translator (German) and has extensive experience in copyediting and academic publishing. She studied art and photography in London and Glasgow, then lived in Germany for over a decade before moving to Edinburgh. As copy editor for MAT, Catherine provides copy-editing services to authors and ensures clarity and consistency of writing across the journal. Her interest in art and media align with the Journal’s vision to embrace multimodal ethnography.