Films available for review

If you are interested in reviewing one of the following films, or another that is not on this list, please contact Rita Isabel Henderson, Book and Film Reviews Section Editor, at


Basu, Nupur. Lost Generations

Basu, Nupur. Mothers of Malappuram

Chandavy, Yim and Amanda Rudman. Land of Widows

Di Gangi, Joseph and Amon Giebel, Llamado Para La Madre Tierra

Diaz Costa, Rossanna. On the Way

Gabbay, Alex. A Fistful of Rice

Hart, Robbie. Tina Machida in Zimbabwe

Heer, James. Sowing Seeds of Hunger

Metcalf, Charlotte. Welcome to Womanhood

Metcalf, Charlotte. Young Wives’ Tales

Sorrentino, Bruno. For a Few Pennies More

Stark, Maya and Adi Lavy. Sun Kissed

Strasburg, Toni. Paying the Price

Tatham, Di. Listen to the Kids!

Tatham, Di. Missing Out

Wagenhofer, Erwin. We Feed the World

Zikusoka, Irene. and Charlotte Metcalf, The Cutting Edge


Cadigan, Katie and Laura Murray. When Medicine Got it Wrong

Chang, Robert Y. Nothing to Lose

Gilligan, Sean and Adrian Strong. Fantome Island

Gillooly, Jane. Today the Hawk Takes One Chick

Jhala, Jayasinhji. The Last Rites of the Honourable Mr. Rai

Karr, Doug and Sierra Bellows, Lifecycles: A Story of AIDS in Malawi

Law, Anwei Skinsnes, Christopher Ley, and Carl Vandervoort. Olivia and Tim: Very Much Alive

Leizaola, Ricardo. Uncle Poison

Lemelson, Robert. Afflictions: Culture and Mental Illness in Indonesia (six-part series): Shadows and Illuminations, Memory of My Face, Ritual Burdens, The Bird Dancer, Family Victim, Kites and Monsters

Lemelson, Robert. Standing on the Edge of a Thorn

Lescot, Anne and Laurence Magloire. Of Men and Gods (Des Hommes et Dieux)

Ostraff, Melinda. Kau Faito’o: Traditional Healers of Tonga

Sifers, Saraah. Fate of the Lhapa

Streeten, Tish. Juliette of the Herbs

Suhr, Christian. Descending With Angels

Tai-Li, Hu. Voices of Orchid Island

Verweyen, Guido. Sastun: My Apprenticeship With A Maya Healer

Veuve, Jacqueline. The Heart’s Nebula (La nébuleuse du cœur)

Vizoso, Gustavo. The Mseyas


Bush, Paul. Rumour of True Things

High, Kathy. I Need Your Full Cooperation

Kalin, Tom. Nation


Aldrich, Gillian and Jennifer Baumgardner. I Had an Abortion

Attie, Barbara and Janet Goldwater. Maggie Growls

Aviad, Michael. Acting Our Age: A Film about Women Growing Old

Bretherton, Di and Cristina Pozzan. As the Mirror Burns

Gilman, Sari. Kings Point

Glazier, Lynn. Wired for Sex, Lies and Power Trips It’s a Teen’s World

Goldson, Annie and Peter Wells. Georgie Girl

Hoffman, Deborah. Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter

Junge, Daniel and Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy. Saving Face

Kirtz, Kate and Nell Lundy. Jane: An Abortion Service

Larkin, Alile Sharon. A Different Image

Lee, Rebecca and Jesper Malmberg. Middle of Everywhere The Abortion Debate from America’s Heartland

Light, Allie, Irving Saraf, and Carol Monpere. The Sermons of Sister Jane Believing the Unbelievable

Lipschutz, Marion and Rose Rosenblatt. The Education of Shelby Knox

Marazzi, Alina. We Want Roses Too (Vogliamo Anche Le Rose)

Onodera, Midi. The Basement Girl

Sinclair, Ingrid, Bridget Pickering, Wanjiru Kinyanjui. Africa is a Woman’s Name

Tadic, Elizabeth. Umoja No Men Allowed

Van der Horst, Aliona. Water Children

Van Velzen, Femke and Ilse van Velzen. Weapon of War

Wagner, Jane C. and Tina DiFeliciantonio, Girls Like Us

Warshow, Joyce. Some Ground To Stand On

Winer, Lucy and Karen Eaton. Golden Threads

Wyman, Julie. A Boy Named Sue

Zhou, Xiaoli. The Women’s Kingdom